Find answers to commonly asked questions about de duystere markt.

The Expo & location

Date and hour

December 14th 2024
Doors open: 14:00
Doors close: 22:00 (market stops at 21:00)

December 15th 2024
Doors open: 10:00
Doors close: 18:00 (market stops at 17:00)


The venue is indoor and warmed.
There will be no vestiaire.


The venue is wheelchair friendly. Just ask our volunteers for help.


Entrance beneath 12 years is free. There will be NO child entertainment. There will be some scary acts and music. Be aware.


Living animals are not allowed in the building. Accept assistance animals.


Toilets are free to use, keep them clean.


Bring some cash, most of the vendors only accept cash money.
We don’t have an ATM at the expo. There are some ATM machines in drive distance.

Don’t touch policy

Please don’t touch the items of the vendors without permission of the vendors. Who breaks, pays.

Food & drinks

There are different kinds of vegan and non-vegan meals available during the day. All fresh served by Thor catering.

There are warm and colds drinks available.

Important to know

Not allowed

  • No smoking, vaping.. inside the expo/building. Only outside.
  • You can not bring your own food or drinks inside, small sugar snacks are allowed.
  • Bags, backpacks, … are not allowed.
  • Weapons, drugs and other illegal stuff are prohibited.
  • Sharp objects, sticks, glass, flammable liquids… are forbidden.


De duystere markt, the partners and volunteers are not responsible for loss, theft, accidents, physical or material damage.


This is a freak friendly event. Everyone is welcome, but there is no place for racists, sexists or fascists.
We will not tolerate drunk visitors or violent behaviour.


Some vendors offer workshops. If you registered or payed for a workshop with one of the vendors, be aware you still have to buy an entrance ticket! A proof of payment for a workshop does not count as an entrance ticket.

Photography, media & promotion


Photographers are allowed but pictures can’t be sold for commercial purposes.
Also: be so kind to send the pictures to our organisation afterwards (by e-mail to deduysteremarkt@gmail.com).


Media licenses: send a request to deduysteremarkt@gmail.com.

Promotion in or around the expo

On and around the expo including on Thor Park and on the public roads, it is strictly prohibited to hand out or display flyers, posters or other promotional materials.
Sponsors and media partners – if they have agreed this with our organisation – get visibility at the expo.