Side activities

Wolvennest – Live performance


Wolvennest was formed in 2013 by Michel Kirby, Marc De Backer and Corvus Von Burtle. Their music can be described as “experimental psychedelic Black Metal/Ambient”.

The trio released a first full length in collaboration with Austrian veterans Der Blutharsch in 2016. This album was noticed by occult German label Van records, who re-released the album and became Wolvennest collaborator for every release since. Soon after, the band found in Shazzula its voice and synth/theremin magician.

In 2018 Wolvennest released their sophomore “Void”. Thanks to this album, Wolvennest toured Europe twice and had the chance to perform the album in its entirety at the Roadburn 2019 festival. The “Vortex “EP was released the same year.

2021 proved to be, despite the “no live music era”, a busy year for the Wolvennest collective: a double album (Temple), a live album (live in Ancienne Belgique) and a collaboration under the “Nest” banner, featuring long time friends from the Occult European circle.

We are very excited to bring you Wolvennest live on stage during de duystere markt II!

Princess Tweedle Needle – Sideshow acts

PERFORMANCE AT 11u30, 13u30 and 15u30.

Not for the faint-hearted!!!

Let’s meet Sabine Twedelera aka Princess Tweedle Needle, all the way from Berlin.

Princess Tweedle Needle is a fearless and ferocious femme fatale! Sideshow is her middle name. She combines traditional fakir stunts with outrageous sideshow acts.

She’s charming, comical, and completely fearless.

Princess Tweedle Needle will bring some sideshow acts to de duystere markt II. Come and witness this with your own eyes! (Or have a sneak peek of what to expect)

Enjo Flint – Sideshow acts

PERFORMANCE AT 11u30, 13u30 and 15u30.

We are very happy to introduce Enjo Flint to you, all the way from Berlin!

Expect some madness and craziness!!! (Have a peek)

Enjo Flint a clownish freak, who takes pain and absurdity into his own hands and creates his own castle in the air of naivety and madness.

Provocation and self-irony are his critical companions.

Zora Van Der Blast – Sideshow acts

PERFORMANCE AT 11u30, 13u30 and 15u30.

The third and final performer at The duystere markt 2022 is a woman with the strongest stamina (and the strongest ass) in the universe.

Also from Berlin, We are excited to welcome Zora Van Der Blast! Together with Princess Tweedle Needle and Enjo Flint, she will push the limits of the human body and make the impossible possible. Without any tricks or double bottom.

Curious what to expect? Have a peek!

Aiko Burning Moon Body Art – Special

The duystere markt wouldn’t be Duyster if we couldn’t do something special.

Aiko Burning Moon Body Art give you the opportunity to do a suspension at de duystere markt. Private or in public.

What is suspension? It is a practice in which an individual’s skin is pierced with large sterilised metal hooks, from which they are then hung.

See his post on his Instagram account for more information!