Side activities

La Muerte – Live performance


La Muerte is a legendary rock band from Brussels that was founded in 1983 by Marc ‘Muerte’ du Marais and Dee-J Moens. A mixture of psychedelic, metallic and noisy sounds is what they are known for.

La Muerte released a series of cult albums in the 1980s and 1990s, which achieved success both at home and abroad. The group was allowed to play with it at Roadburn and Graspop.

Despite their success they called it quits in 1994 only to emerge from the mists of time in 2015. The albums ‘EVIL’ (2015) and the self-titled ‘La Muerte’ (2018) proved that their brand of gloomy rock ‘n’ roll has stood the test of time and the same can be said of the sweltering live performances.

The release of ‘Sortilegia’ in November 2022 abruptly ended four years of radio silence for these veterans. Vocalist Marc du Marais and guitarist Dee-J are the remaining founding members.

We are very happy to announce that La Muerte will be playing on saturday evening !!! This rock and roll legends will set the duystere markt on fire!!

Predatory Void – Live performance


In 2021, the home of the Belgian artist collective Church Of Ra has brought forth a new group that is set to conquer the extreme music world by storm: Its name is Predatory Void – and its members are no strangers to the scene.

With members of Amenra, Doodseskader, Cobra The Impaler, Carnation, Oathbreaker, Crossbringer… they know what they are doing.

Listen to their debut album Seven Keys to the Discomfort of Being (released on Century Media Records) and come see them live on Saturday at de duystere markt!

Prince Beastly – Live performance


Prince Beastly is the band to check out!!! They bring some punkrock to de duystere markt. This is your chance to pogo and drink a few beers!

Alkerdeel – Live performance


Alkerdeel spits out black doom metal with blown out live production, grinding guitars, blasting distorted drums, filthy vocals, all very heavy, doomy and even psychedelic.

Essential for fans of Darkthrone, Burning Witch, Beherit and Meth Drinker … as well as other practitioners of grim buzz and noise.

We are happy Alkerdeel will perform at the De duystere markt!

Serpents Oath – Live performance


Serpents Oath is a Black Metal Beast comprised of adepts of Belgium’s extreme metal scene. Insiders and those who have followed the scene for a long time know that members of the defunct Insanity Reigns Supreme are involved, together arsenal of equally trained musicians from other bands.

Their rebellious debut album ‘Nihil’, released in 2020, took the world by storm with its relentless and unforgiving version of nihilistic black metal. With their recently released successor ‘Ascension’ they go even further: more brutal and even heavier.

We are very happy Serpents Oath will bring their desecration to De duystere markt at the end of the year! Expect a differtent beast at our event!

Rattenburcht – Live performance


Rattenburcht: black punk stomp madness from The Netherlands.

Louis Fleischauer – Sideshow acts


We are happy to announce that Louis Fleischauer (Berlin, Germany) will perform during our event!

Louis Fleischauer was born and raised in Leipzig. In Eastern Germany being different was not acceptable, thus Louis had frequently to deal with harassment by the authorities, including the “Stasi”. After the Fall of the Wall he moved to Berlin into a squad (occupied house) and started working with leather and experimenting with sounds and Body Art Rituals. Witnessing some intense riots in Berlin in 1991 planted a seed for the energy Louis creates now with his performance project.

Have a peek at what to expect!